Friday, August 27, 2010

365/239 Welcome to your new home

I picked up the dogs today from my brother's.  I really hate to say it, but I have been so busy and preoccupied with the moving in stuff that I have not missed them:(  After I brought them home I realized the layer of chaos that they bring to the family, maybe I would be a bit saner if we had less dogs (I'm just saying!)  I love them both and they do bring much joy to the kids so they can stay (unless Brent really wants to adopt the cousin dogs:) Just kidding kids. 

Welcome to your new home

On a side note, in case you missed the big blue diaper on Ruby, she went into heat this morning of all times. (cream carpet is not a good thing!!!)  Lets just hope all the male dogs in the new neighborhood don't come to visit us in our wireless invisible fenced in yard, the last thing I need is puppies!  I'm so calling the vet and getting her fixed!

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