Monday, August 23, 2010

365/235 Fleet Feet member

Today JD had his third Fleet Feet practice.  Fleet Feet is a local running club.  Cross country in the schools does not start until High school.  So for him to be able to run at the meets, he must belong to the club. He has, in past years, competed against Fleet Feet runners and they were among some of the faster runners at the meets they attended.  The coach is a runner herself and many parents run with the team at practices and meets.  This should be a competitive team of runners, just what JD needs to get him to run faster.  The only meet he is anxious about is the October Cedar Bend @ Gladwin. He says his Gladwin coach will give him heck for moving and running for another team.  I figured he would look forward to seeing his friends and there won't be many times that his new school and old school will compete together as they are in different sports conferences. I'm very proud of JD, he was very nervous about running here, not knowing anyone and all, but he has went to every practice and ran very well.  

 Fleet Feet member
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