Saturday, August 21, 2010

365/233 Move in day

It is here, move in day! I'm exhausted from the last seven days of getting ready for this day.  I have packed for nearly a month and planned in my head of where things will go but now as I stand looking at this full truck I really could care less where is all goes. I just want it emptied:) 

 Move in day

We had so many people here to help us get this phase of moving done: Tate, Brent, Heather, Lu, Mackie, Patrick, Ivan, Mike and Steve.  Thank you all for the sweat you shed in getting it all in the house and for the brains & brawn it took to figure out how some things would fit through the small doorways. 

I want to apologize for all the stuff we have, Hubby keeps telling me we should have throw more away.  I figure the house is bigger and I might get to use some of the stuff  I have been hoarding all these years, only time will tell.                      
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