Wednesday, August 18, 2010

365/229 Hello Cable Internet

Today we got the Charter Bundle of cable and TV. Mark, our installer, spent way more time than expected getting us hooked up.  Older homes were not really built with this technology in mind.  We felt bad that our appointment ran over and fed him pizza.   Mark was smitten with CJ and comment that he would like to put her in his pocket and take her home to play with his 1 yr granddaughter.  She would have talked his ear off if we had let her:)

 Hello Cable Internet

This is a screen shot of the speed test of my pc in the kitchen.  Upstairs it was even faster.  Keep in mind that we are leaving a DSL connection that was supposed  to be 3 mg but rarely even went passed 2 mg.  So 14 and 15 mg is like lighting for us. The positive column for moving just keeps adding up.      
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