Saturday, August 14, 2010

365/226 Yeah! hardwood

We spent most of yesterday afternoon and today pulling carpet.  The two downstairs bedrooms have beautiful hardwood. We suspected hardwood in these two rooms from the very first time we toured the house because the closet floors were exposed hardwood. The thing we didn't know was in what condition they would be in. Perfect, they are in perfect condition, expect for the holes left by the staples. The best surprise, the stairs and the upstairs hall are hardwood too! There are tons of tack strips and staples to be removed now but it will be worth it. MJ  has turned out to be quite the staple puller.  
My biggest disappointment is there is nothing but sub floor under the living and dining room, so the carpeting will have to stay for awhile:(  Next is pulling kitchen carpet, yes the kitchen and the main bathroom are carpeted. YUCK!

Yeah! hardwood
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