Wednesday, August 11, 2010

365/223 Friday the 13th is good for us

Wednesday I got the call.  We are closing on Friday the 13th! No worries, it is not a bad sign for us, 13 seems to be a great number for us.  We were married on the 13th, Syd was born on Friday the 13th a mere 13 months and 13 days younger than CJ.  Also, she was born in the 13th year of our marriage.  Now we take possession of our "new to us" house on the 13th!  We are thrilled.  We found out Monday that the children of the deceased home owner were signing off prior to our originally scheduled closing date on the 17th.  I thought, hey why can't we close before the weekend? It took a few calls, I bugged the bank and the attorneys offices until they got all the paper work done in time for a Friday closing.  (I was a pest, a good pest:) 

Friday the 13th is good for us
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