Monday, August 9, 2010

365/220 Family Reunion

Saturday we went to the Fitzpatrick Family Reunion.  There was a lot of people I never met , met when I was very young  but forgot and relatives I have not seen since the last funeral. 

Here is a shot of the cousins and spouses, all of us but one, RJ (in the white top, she lives in Alaska) live within 40 miles of each other but never get together.

Here is our kids, most of whom go to the same school but never knew they were related. I remember MJ coming home from school a few years ago and telling me that "this boy named Bryce keeps telling me we are related but I don't know him"  I assured her that yes the two of them were related, he was not telling her a story.  She exclaimed "But how can that be, he never come to Christmas at Grammie's house!" To her the only relatives she had were the ones she was sharing Christmas with.

The last picture is of my dad's siblings, sister-in-laws and cousins. I don't remember ever meeting my dad's  cousins  but I have corresponded via email with a few in my genealogy research of this side of the family. I guess the biggest surprise to me was that there are 3 of my Grandfather's sisters are still alive. One, Milly, looks so much like my Great Grandma Fitzpatrick.

It was nice to see everyone and I look forward to going next year.
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