Saturday, August 7, 2010

365/219 Getting there

Saturday Hubby and I spent all day cleaning and going through the stuff in the garage.  

We had just a ton of paint cans from 2 past house, this house and my past crafting days, all of which were not kept in optimal conditions. Some were already dried out (a blessing) and the rest we have to get a chemical to harden it so we can safely dispose of it. (and the house we are moving into has a shelf in the basement with paint cans, I now know why they left them, it is a bit of a pain the get rid of) We set a few out in the sun to promote drying out.

Hubby is starting to worry that we are going to have more to move than will fit in to U-Haul's biggest truck, and at 99 cents per mile making a second trip with the moving truck would be pricey.  I say let's wait and see what we can do, pack the biggest stuff first and the smaller stuff that don't fit we can always pack that in the van and make a few trip through out the weeks to come if need be.

 As far as the garage goes, it was clean enough we could have put a car in it for a brief time this weekend but now is is the staging area for the move.

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