Thursday, July 29, 2010

365/210 Almost there

Today we got great news in the early afternoon, the bank called and we can close as early as next week!  That put me into a  packing frenzy and I packed the Wii, surround sound and many other things I thought we might not want to live without in the past.  In the process I realized that I would have nowhere to safely stack these new boxes so I rearranged the living furniture to accommodate the newest stacks and allow us to walk to the couch. (wow that little table looks dustier in the picture:)

 Almost there

Just before I left for the gym tonight, our real estate agent called and gave us bad news. The home owner of the house we about to buy, passed away on Tuesday. The closing date will be up to a probate judge now!  We are saddened for the family, they have now lost both their father and mother a few month  apart. We are also nervous that we might not get  to move in before school will start.  Let's hope that the courts see fit to clear this case from their schedule quickly.
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