Sunday, July 25, 2010

365/205 Greer Bros. Racing

Saturday was the 1st ever G-Town Runaround - a 5K run/walk put on by the Graveline family with the proceeds going to the Regina Graveline Memorial Scholarship.  It was a well organized race, a nice course, and for a good cause.  It was also the 1st official race for the "Greer Bros. Racing" t-shirts.

The t-shirts started out as a joke made at the Dow run back in June.  My Dad and his brother, Amos, were in business together selling farm equipment under the name "Greer Bros. Implements", starting back in the late 1940's or early 1950's.  The next generation of Greers haven't carried on the same business tradition so informal camaraderie is the closest thing we have.

My brother Michael and I started running together each week during the summer last year and we race together a few times per year so that became the idea behind "Greer Bros. Racing".

To try to stay as true to the tradition as possible, I picked the orange based on the old orange delivery truck that Dad used to have (picture below).  Even the font used on the shirt is an attempt to be as close to the lettering from the truck as possible.

My Dad probably would have hoped for more from his kids than shared t-shirts but I'm betting he still would get a kick out of this.

A couple other notes to add...  

  • Mike beat me by a little more than 20 seconds.  I'm just a small orange blip in the background as he's coming to the finish line.  Normally I finish a little bit ahead of him but I keep it all in perspective - he was a lot faster when he was my age than I am, so I've got a lot of room for improvement.

  • One other member of the "racing team" is not pictured here.  My brother Dan, from CO, doesn't know it yet (unless he reads this blog entry) but I've got a t-shirt on the way to his house.  "Runnin' DAwG", as he prefers to go by, is clearly the fastest member of the informal racing team (50+ years old and still hovering around 6:00 miles for 10Ks).  I'm hoping Michael and I can make the journey to Colorado next year for the BolderBoulder race so we can race together as a "team" at least once in our lives.

  • In the main picture, the guy in the headband is a local guy named Greg.  This was his 1st official race and he did much better than he had expected.  This guy has been an exercising animal over the last couple of years; walking, running, biking, and kayaking his way to fitness.  He's a great example for others to follow.

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