Saturday, July 17, 2010

365/197 We have a knack

Friday night Hubby mentioned going to the Corner House. Ice cream did not sound good to me as we had just finished pizza and I was stuffed. I guess I nixed the idea but CJ had heard him and keep pestering him about going out.  She loves mint chip but will eat just about flavor you give her.  We gave in (when it comes to ice cream it was not hard) and took them to The Corner House.  We are either lucky or just have a knack for just beating the crowds. Right after Hubby and MJ went into the building 2 Amish driven hay wagons pulled up full of people!  Once they all filed up to the door, the line was down the steps.  I'm glad we gave in quickly to CJ or we would have been waiting for quite a while.
We have a knack
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