Saturday, July 10, 2010

365/190 Home inspection

Friday we had the "new" house inspected by American Guardian Homes (989-662-7700).  We spent nearly 5 hours with all the kids at the house while Mr. Wendt looked in every nook and cranny to give us his opinion whether we should proceed with the purchase. (Thank you Brent for referring him to us.) Besides Syd's tumble down the stairs and everyone being hungry, we all enjoyed the time at the house. Hubby's friends, Tate and Lloyd, stopped over while we were there and they gave us their seal of approval.  As well as one of the neighbors (which turns out is the Home inspector's son, talk about a small world) and the lawn service gentlemen stopped over to give us their card (they are willing to continue yard tending for us, image that:)

The POD is of what is going to be the master bath, it seems just slightly bigger than an airplane bath, there is a large low mirror that sits across from the toilet and sink.  Not my ideal bath but it does allow us to be on the same floor as the girls.  The door is cut at an angle, Hubby like this detail.

I did snap a few more shots while we were there:

The entry with its flocked wall paper. The wall paper continues down the hallway. I do like the curved walls. Notice how red Syd's cheeks, they were testing the  furnace and the house was sweltering but it did not stop the kids from running wild.

Here are closer shots of the living room fireplace and paneling.  The wall above the fireplace has grass cloth paper which might be a pain the remove.  There is a  "soffit" that wraps around 2 walls, it contains lights and the curtain track.  I can see that the curtain track will be a problem, the curtains slide so freely and Syd  likes to grab them and run down the wall with them.

This is looking up the stairway. This is the backside of the curved wall in the living/dining room.

All the bedrooms have built in closets and dresser similar to this one in the ship and striped papered room.

The rest of the photos are of the basement areas:

These are the steps that Syd tumbled down, Mr. Wendt caught her at the third step from the bottom.  Talk about scaring the dickens out of us.  She was fine, not a scratch on her, she was just a bit frighten but it did not stop her from wanting to play on the stairs after that.                 

 This is looking down the "hall" into the laundry room.  the first door is the future office area and the second door is the storage closet

There used to be a pool table under the orange lights I can see us removing them and the Brick bench from beside the fireplace.

Here is the laundry room with its burlap covered ceiling which Mr. Wendt suggested we remove as it could be a fire hazard. I will leave that task to Hubby, who knows what creatures have made their homes in the billows of fabric!  It is a very large space, I plan on it holding the extra fridge and freezer and I think I will paint it a bright cheery yellow.

Here is looking inside the pantry closet, these shelves wrap around the entire space. I wonder if I can get wider shelves to fit in here, there narrow ones were great for cans and jars but I think I will need it to hold larger items as well.

Well there you have it; Mr. Wendt thinks it is a good investment and everyone that we talk to says we will love living in Midland, now we just have to convince the older kids of this and start packing.  Wish us luck;)
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