Wednesday, July 7, 2010

365/187 All better

It looks like Syd has made a full recovery.  Today Hubby and I were talking in the kitchen and I look over and Syd is talking to herself while rearranging the Gatorades. For being so close in age to CJ she plays very well by herself. 

All better

On a side note, We made an offer on one of the houses we looked at last week, we should know within couple of days. We had to make the offer today because they were negotiating a deal with someone else.  They had to make a decision on the counter offer by tonight.  I'm skeptical, I don't think we will get the house but I do hope for a break on this.  The house is big enough for us all and has a nice size yard without neighbors being right next to you. I'm crossing my finger here.
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