Thursday, June 24, 2010

365/174 The popsicle trade

Wednesday CJ woke up from her nap first and I offered her a Popsicle, she chose grape.  Syd woke a few minutes later and I gave her a lime Popsicle.  It is iffy whether she will finish the popscicle most days; I   think the coldness bothers her.  Today she touched it her lips a few times and then she sat it down on CJ's highchair tray. CJ asked me if she could eat it and I said I guess if Syd does not want it.  CJ then handed Syd her stick with the soft purple lump in the center.  Syd squealed with joy and proceeded to slurp it down.  I think they both were thrilled with the trade.  Tomorrow I will not put their highchairs so close to each other:) 

The popsicle trade

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