Sunday, June 13, 2010

365/163 Aunt Carol has you Covered

Hubby's sister, Carol, has a tradition of making an afghan for every baby in the family.  CJ was so attached to hers and Syd's afghans that when she out grew them she needed to use both hers and Syd's to cover her whole body.  She flat out refused to use any other blanket; it had to be Aunt Carol's afghan.  So last month when Aunt Carol came for a visit CJ and I asked if she would make a larger afghan so Syd could get hers back.  She agreed and delivered it this week and CJ could not be happier, she lay down on the living room floor and covered up with it right away.  Thank you so much Aunt Carol for making our little CJ a happy little duck! 

Aunt Carol has you Covered

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