Friday, June 11, 2010

365/161 Waiting

As with past years our kids want to be first in line or at least as close to first as possible.  Now that they are older we feel that they can sit there together without one of us staying with them.  They have the cell phone and I call them at regular intervals to make sure all is okay, that they are behaving and they have not injured each other. They wanted to be dropped off at 1:30 (doors open at 6:15) and I told them that was way too early, I did drop them off at 4:00 and there were two groups already there which made MJ upset with me. I promised her she could go up earlier tomorrow. Tonight Grandma Greer, Hubby and JD are watching and I'm staying home with the girls.  I don't miss being there every night, since having the girls it is nearly impossible to be there every night of the recital.  MJ seems to be content with just knowing that someone is in the audience to watch her.


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