Sunday, June 6, 2010

365/156 Greer Bros. Racing

Saturday was the 25th annual DowRun.  My brother Michael and I ran the 5K together.  Last year, this 5K race was the 1st race I had ever run in my life.  Although I've put in enough miles this spring to run the 10K, it's a sentimental thing to run the 5K again.

The only downside was that I was about 6 seconds slower this year than last.  Ideally, I'd be faster each time I run but it doesn't always work that way.  This year was a challenge to keep a training routine with all the hours worked since January.  Overall though, a good race as I enjoy the time spent with my big brother.

The title of the post is a little story of its own.  As Moe was getting ready to take the picture, I said that this was the official picture of "Greer Bros. Racing".  My Dad and his brother, Amos, had a business together starting back in the late 1950's which they called "Greer Bros. Implements".   They sold farm equipment together. 

With my parents having 7 kids, you might think there would be a 2nd generation of Greers in business together but we've all got an independent streak and have each gone our own way.  Running together (thanks Michael) and heavy construction (thanks Luther) are about as close as we get.  I guess that will be enough for this generation.

Greer Bros Racing
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