Thursday, June 3, 2010

365/153 Queen pooch

We are on day 5 of dog sitting the "cousins" and Lilly has established herself as queen pooch.  Ruby is afraid of her. Most ever evening  Lilly sits guard at our bedroom door and Ruby refuses to pass by her.  We have to make Lilly get on the bed in order to force Ruby into the room.  Lilly is kind enough to wait for us to close the door before she growls at Ruby and sends her into the closet or bathroom.  Ruby will not get close to the bed if Lilly is on it as she will take off after her if she does.   Lilly will sit at the end of the bed all regal looking watching for Ruby the intruder to show her snout.  It is all very funny to us but Ruby does not think so.  Now during the day they play together like puppies most of the time so it is not all bad for Ruby.

Queen pooch

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