Tuesday, May 25, 2010

365/144 A Band-Aid Fit

Monday after I let the girls out of the van when we got home, Syd did her usual running everywhere but the way she is supposed to go.  She thought I was chasing her when I went to the trash can to dispose for the van garbage and tried to get away from me.  She fell and scraped up her knees and such,  she got up and whined a bit but went on ahead to the house.  I hauled the stuff inside and was putting it away when I noticed  blood on the floor.  Syd was wandering around and playing but not fussing so I was surprised to see it was her big toe that was bleeding.  When I scooped her up to investigate I found that she had peeled back the skin on the side of her toe (ouch).  When I put the band-aid on she started screaming,  I left it on for 15 minutes thinking she would stop crying in that time.  Instead she would just hold her foot up to me and cry.  She did not stop crying until I removed the band-aid.

 A Band-Aid Fit
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