Sunday, May 23, 2010

365/142 The Party

Saturday we celebrated the girl's birthdays at our house with our extended family.  We have combined the girl's parties together since the beginning because they are so close, just a month apart.  I often feel bad that they will likely share birthday parties for many years but I do try to make a big deal of their actually birthday for each of the girls.  
They received many wonderful gifts from everyone, thank you all so much.  We got each of them a bike. Bikes have been something they both should have had a while ago.  CJ still has not got the hang of her pedals and feels more comfortable on Syd's trike right now. Syd does not mind sharing the trike, she does not ride it just uses the "trunk" to stuff her treasures in.  Them having bikes now will require me to let them play outside more often, Yikes. I only cringe because we have swarms of skeeters and the girls just swell right up when they get bit. Not to mention the wasps and bees that seem to love our deck and I will have to leave my air conditioned house, I really don't like the heat of summer! Maybe they can just ride them in the house:)  (I know my mother is rolling her eyes right now:)

The Party
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