Friday, May 21, 2010

365/140 Pre-G-sale snag

Thursday while at Grammies, CJ snagged this helmet from the large stack of boxes that Brent and I have been off loading all week. This is only a quarter to half of the stuff I have to get rid of but I think Brent is done dropping off stuff.  CJ spotted the helmet sitting on top of the latest load from Brent.  She has wore it ever chance she gets, she even wore it when we went to town. I can only imagine what people thought seeing a toddler with a helmet on in her car seat.  Now she keeps looking for a bike to ride. (birthday party on Saturday, dad picked her up a Dora bike) Oh by the way Brent, CJ owes you 75 cents, she still has the price tag on it!

Pre-G-sale snag
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