Tuesday, May 18, 2010

365/136 Can I have this?

Sunday we (MJ, JD and I)  sorted through their rooms to fish out the unwanted, unloved and out grown item they might have.  It was a long process but this is what we have to show for our efforts, a hall lined with boxes of things for me to price for our upcoming garage sale!
Now on to POD.  yesterday I was messing with my Simple Circle Cutter (Martha Stewart)

I really love this little item.  Even though I am not a big Martha fan, she does put her name on some great products!  

Anyway,  the circles I had cut were laying on the table after CJ woke from her nap.  She is the queen of  shapes in our house, she loves to call out the shape of all things, she can pick out the shape of most anything that I would overlook (capital A is a triangle to her, eggs are ovals and cucumber wedges are her triangle snack and on and on).  She was just giddy to see the circles cut out and could not stop herself from playing with them and trying to put them back together, over and over again.

Can I have this?
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