Monday, May 17, 2010

365/135 Competition time

Saturday we all piled in the van for an hour and half trip to Gaylord for MJ's first cheer competition.  All I can say is  WOW this is culture all of its own.  It reminded me of what you read about beauty pageants with all the makeup, glitter, and fake hair pieces.  MJ is in division 3 and for fair judging the division is divided into small, medium and large teams (the more people on your team the more fancy lifts you can do).  MJ's team was in the medium group.  I thought they were great, less polished than some of the groups but they did great considering it was the first competition for most all the girls.  They did not place and will not be going on to regional, but we are proud of our girl, she went out there with an injured ankle and all.  Way to go!

Competition time
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