Thursday, May 13, 2010

365/131 The days are numbers now

The days that this boy will be riding a school bus will be over soon.  Not only is the school year winding down but he is less than 1 year from drivers training!  Once he gets his license he will never want to ride this bus again. But unless he gets a job to pay for a car, insurance and GAS he will have very few choices on how to get to school.  The bus will be the cheapest route.  I do remember this stage in my life, being one of a very few kids old enough to drive but having to ride the bus anyway.  In my case I don't remember many days of the bus once I could  drive (I got a job to get spending money @ 15).  Maybe he will get "it" and want to earn his own money soon, I can only hope:)

The days are numbers now
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