Monday, May 3, 2010

365/122 The Challenge

I arrived home in plenty of time to watch JD and Hubby race in a local charity 5K. Hubby had challenged JD to this race weeks ago. JD came in first, beating both uncle Michael and Hubby. He was pretty pleased with himself! Due to a misdirection by the students stationed on the trails, the race was not 3.1 mi but closer to 2.3 or so. Hubby thinks he may have been able to take JD on the last mile which had the largest hill. He of course has requested a rematch but JD is not taking the bait and is loving his standing as the winner.
Hubby's note: I won my age group and finished 4th overall (small turnout).
I snapped a picture of the boys warming up before the race and Syd was right there running with them. She is such a happy toddler! Hubby will have her running before long :)

The Challenge
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