Friday, March 26, 2010

365/85 scraps have their uses

For the last few days I have prepping more pages for the Boyne crop (33 days to go). I hope I will have enough stuff prepped for the four day crop. I don't like staring at a blank page and getting scrapper block when I have paid to crop. As I prep pages and do some paper trimming, CJ and Syd love to take the scraps and play with them. It usually can keep them busy and out of my supplies for a few hours at best. CJ will stack them, stuff them and stick them in any box, bag or drawer she can find. She will usually pick up each piece of paper as it comes off the trimmer and say "This is mine?" By the second day, these scraps are spread all over the house and Ruby is starting to chew on them so I have to make it a game to get the girls to pick them up and throw them away. CJ fusses about throwing them away until I tell her she can have more the next time I cut, and then she agrees that it is a good idea.

scraps have their uses
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