Wednesday, March 24, 2010

365/82 Easter dresses

Yesterday I had a much overdue lunch with my closest friend, crafting partner and cleaning partner, Anita. For many years we spent 3 days a week together cleaning houses and having a great time doing it. I never liked the cleaning part but I loved hanging out with her, we laughed at so many things while we cleaned. If the clients only knew how much fun we had, they may not have wanted to pay us! Don't get me wrong, we cleaned every house thoroughly, we just had way too much fun doing it! Anyway, since we had the girls I have quit cleaning and Anita and I don't get to hang out very often anymore with our busy schedules. So we ate lunch and did some shopping, I picked up some cute Easter dresses for the girls and today CJ talked me into letting them try them on. So cute! They both were very upset to have to take them off, I would say it was a good buy! Now lets hope it is warm enough for them to wear them on Easter!

Easter dresses

BTW, Anita let's not wait so long before we do lunch again, I had a really great time.

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