Tuesday, March 2, 2010

365/60 I'm going to get you

Monday the girls and I spent the morning shopping with Grammy. While shopping we stopped at Kohls and they had a couple spring clearance items that I could not pass up for the girls. Carter's over sized shirts and leggings. Syd was so funny when I put it on her, she kept touching her bare arms and poking her belly and laughing. I took that to mean she liked the outfit. While we were shopping she was sitting in the cart with her coat on and she kept opening the coat to see the shirt and closing it with a giggle. Later in the evening she was fussing so picked her up and was getting her pok-a-dots, which made her forget what she fussing about in the first place. I wondering if she will have the same reaction to this outfit the next time she wears it.

I'm going to get you
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