Sunday, February 28, 2010

365/58 Ornament Scrapbooks

Saturday I did some finishing touches on the exteriors of the scrapbooks that I'm prepping for the Boyne Crop. (Now only 60 days away, can you tell I'm excited?) The books are to highlight the kids ornament collections, I will never be able to remember the details of why I purchased each ornament for all 4 kids so my hope is that I can document it while it is fresh in my mind. I only have JD and MJ ready, I figure the little girls only have a few ornaments so far and theirs could wait until later.

Ornament scrapbooks

I used Franklin Covey planner storage binders (see photo below). I was originally planning on using an old book and gutting the pages and adding a binder mechanism like these Junk Binders but I had the storage binders just sitting here and they worked perfectly. I did take the instructions from here and adapt them to the storage binders I used. I so loved how they turned out that I went to Ebay and found more for future projects.

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