Thursday, February 18, 2010

365/48 We got The Pulse back

After 9 years of Direct TV we have found a need to leave them. They no longer offer XM radio, they replaced it with Sonic and it is just not the same. Now we probably listen to the music stations on our TV more than the average household does. From November to January we tune into the Holly station during our waking hours and the rest of the year it is The Pulse. Sonic could not compare in our eyes so we have jumped ship and now subscribe to Dish Network. I did ask the sales lady when their contract was up with Sirius radio and was told they have no plans to change music providers, I hope it is at least more than 24 months as that is my new contract length! Not only do I have The Pulse back (channel 6012) I also will be paying $20 less per month and can watch our recorded shows on both TV's instead just on the bedroom unit! So far I'm a happy lady! Now if I could just figure out the remote I would be even happier.

We got The Pulse back
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