Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365/33 Ilove Valentines

What do you get when you combine 4" circles of aluminum foil, 48 " of white string, Sweetheart candy hearts, Hersey Kisses, scrapbook paper and this pdf file?

Tuesday's POD of course! Or better known as, MJ and JD's Valentines for their friends. I was blog hopping the other day and found a new blog to love, How does she which had link to a blog post by Full of Bliss. MJ seen the pictures and wanted to make 30 for her class and once JD seen what we were making he wanted a few to give his friends (I was surprised by this). After we bought the supplies MJ found out that her class is not have a Valentine party so she is taking them to share at snack time on the 15th.
These were easy to make once I found a way to quickly cut the click wheels out (I don't have a 1.5" circle punch but my CM Circle cutter worked just fine after my SIL reminded me of it). The kids helped me make them, JD liked my tape gun a bit too much & MJ kept reorganizing hers by color but that is the quirks of my kids:) They also both had very creative ideas which helped to finished product look better. This is the first time we are ready for Valentines day on the 2nd of February!

Ilove Valentines

Here is a closeup of one of JD's Iloves, he went for non-Valentine-like papers.

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