Wednesday, January 27, 2010

365/27 This is CJ reporting

This morning CJ and I were watching YouTube videos of C.H.A. coverage from Paperclipping. The host Noell Hyman was interviewing Tim Hotz with a cordless microphone, like a reporter would. After we watched a couple videos CJ hopped off my lap and when to play, I figured the videos weren't interesting to her. Awhile later I took the girls back with me so I could shower. I noticed that CJ had her toy microphone but did not think anything of it, she plays with it often. As I shower I watch her put the microphone up to her mouth and then she holds it out towards Syd. At first I thought she was just sharing but it clicked as I watched her do it over and over; she was interviewing Syd! After Hubby came home I asked CJ if she wanted to interview daddy, he was on a conference call and had the phone on mute during the "interview". I think she might be asking him how he likes his new desk area or she could just be giggling you never know with 2.5 year old:)

This is CJ reporting

She emulates like a champ, the good and not so good behaviors of all of us. Just think of the things a 13 year brother and 11 year sister can do:)
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