Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Project 365/209 Happy 13th Birthday JD

Tuesday was JD 13th birthday. I whipped up a batch of cupcakes and made his requested diner of Tortellini and garlic bread. No big party this year, I decided last year that 12 would be the cut off for big parties for the kids. We of course still celebrated just in a more low key way. I can't believe our 1st born is a teenager all ready, where has the time gone? I still remember when he was just a baby, how nervous I was that I would break him. Now he is about as tall as me, has the same size feet as I do and a mouth that don't stop. We love you buddy!

Happy 13th Birthday JD

Project 365/208 Along the way

Monday Hubby sold his car! We met the guy in Mt Pleasant to deliver the car and took the long way home so I could get a shot of this barn. I have noticed it many times from the express way and always thought how difficult it would be to make a picture with shingles. We had no trouble locating it with the navigation system in the van, I love that thing. It is a dairy farm on a dead end road in Rosebush. To my surprise the cow picture is on both sides of the barn, very impressive.

Along the way

Project 365/207 Mackinaw Triathlon

Our Sunday plans were to travel to Mackinaw City and watch 2 of Hubby's friends compete in their first triathlon! We got up about 4 am and travel up there with the girls, only Syd slept on the way up like we planned but all were in great spirits while we watched. It was misting most all morning, great for the athletes only slightly annoying for the spectators. The Mackinaw Multi-sport Mix consisted of an 800 meter swim in cold Lake Michigan, 18 miles on the bike and lastly a 5k. Zach finished in 1:39:17 and 42 overall, Mat finished in 2:02:29 and 115 overall and both finished in the top ten in their age bracket. Great job guys. Zach wants to train for a marathon next year, I think he will try and urge Hubby to partake in it with him. Maybe a 1/2 marathon first would be easier.

Mackinaw Triathlon

Project 365/206 What a day

Saturday was a very full day of us. Bright and early Hubby ran his first 10k up in Grayling. Only his second race ever and he jumped up to a 10k! His time was 49:26 and he finished 3 in his age bracket! Very well done! I failed to get a picture of that event to share due to the fact that I was fast asleep and about an hour away :) Next up: JD and I had a 3 hour football meeting to attend. I never thought the boy would ever want to play football and I'm scared to death that he will get broken out there, he only weighs 87 lb! But what can I do but sit and watch. After the meeting I stopped and grabbed my nephew and took the boys to spend the night with their Aunt and Uncle. The boys had plans of a 30 mile or more bike ride on Sunday.
What a day

While JD and I were listening to the coach and standing in line for pads and what not, Hubby and the girls went to a birthday party, they had a blast and were all tuckered out when they came home. Party hat still intact CJ and Syd fell asleep soon after they left the party. We then made plans for Sunday and went to bed early! What a day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Project 365/205 all smiles

This A.M. we moved Syd's crib into MJ's room and moved JD's bed back to his room, he got stuck with CJ, I figured the late owls would enjoy each others company. So far MJ and JD are upset with me, they really enjoyed sharing a room, which surprised me, I think they like the company and goofing off every night. Syd and CJ both enjoyed long peaceful naps this afternoon which makes me a happy mommy. Syd woke before CJ and enjoyed being the center of attention for awhile. All is good in our little world!
All Smiles

project 365/204 Taking it to the extreme

Thursday night I had not took the POD by the time everybody had gone to bed and I was not going to take pictures of me again so soon! So I tip toed into MJ room to snap this photo. She has her Ipod in her ears! She no doubt was listening to her book, right now she is hooked on the Harry Potter and the Twilight series and listens to them over and over (she is unlike her mother; I won't listen to the same book more than once, there is just too many out there to enjoy.) We have asked her repeatedly to not do this before she falls asleep even if she has it on sleep mode and it will turn off in 30 minutes, I'm more worried about her getting tangled in the darn thing! Maybe another talking to is in order!

Taking it to the extreme

project 365/203 Park day

Wednesday Hubby had another work related party, this time at the kid favored Plymouth park with the huge play structure. This was CJ first time here and she loved it. The older two were in charge of staying close on her tail as she ran through it multiple times, as is was a bit short in spot for the adults, but her favorite spot was the swings and she wanted daddy to push her. She could have stay there all night swinging.

Park day

Project 365/202 Winking

Tuesday night like many night since having the girls share a room, CJ is in our room until either Syd falls asleep or we need to sleep. Sometimes she fusses so much that we let her camp out with us. This has got to stop, so by the end of the week the girls will be split up between JD and MJ room's again in hopes that bedtime will be back to normal. This way CJ can cry as much as she likes and Syd will still get to bed on time.
For the POD she was being very cute and "winking" for the camera.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Project 365/201 What does a stick cost?

Monday JD and MJ got in a bit of trouble (consequences are not clear at this time, Hubby and I are still conferring on how best to make a memorable point.) JD basically sold MJ a stick for $5 and she went a long with it. First off we have forbade them from making deals with each other that involve trading of goods, service and/or money due to past problems and manipulations. JD wanted to buy songs and had no money to do this so he had MJ pay him $5 for the stick and they proceeded to hatch a plan so I would not discover how he came into money (I was completely aware of JD lack of funds) They came happily skipping out to me stating that JD opened his lock box and found $7 in it. JD says "can you believe it mom, I had $7 saved and didn't even know it, I'm so surprised" MJ nodding the whole time. I thought it sounded fishy and questioned them on it but neither cracked so I let it go. He went on to quickly purchase $7 in music. He fell asleep early about 8:45 pm or so (Sleeping at odd hours for him has become common place since camp, I wonder if there is not an underlying illness to blame- Mono come to mind but he was tested for that on Friday.) Anyway, I took that opportunity to ask MJ again how JD came to have $7. She fess up very quickly and surprisingly he had $2 in the lock box and did not know it she just added the $5 for him to "discover". So here's the big issue THEY BOTH LIED TO ME REPEATEDLY. He even went as far as to continue to lie even after I told him this morning that I knew the truth! uugh!
What does a stick cost?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Project 365/200 Little Diva

Sunday CJ was have her "terrible twos" moments all day. I was surprised when I got a look at little Miss CJ with her purse on her arm, her shades on and of course don't forget her attitude. She was in pure diva mode! In her purse she carried, in pure diva style, her ever important pacifier, an old business card from my house cleaning days and her "cell phone", a empty gum container (see bottom photo). She was way too cute even with the attitude.

Little Diva

In the hopes of getting the girls to nap we took a ride (it worked on the diva but not on Syd). I looked back to see CJ chatting on her phone before she took her nap.

I spent most of free time this weekend playing with my new phone, a Samsung Eternity I really like it so far but it has a learning curve to it. My other one stopped ringing, it had a short or something in the speaker.
I finally figured out how to get some
ringtones, I'm all to happy to not use the jazzy type standard ringtones that came with the phone. Now if it works well with outlook and I can get rid of the PDA that would be great, just waiting on the cord I bought off Ebay to arrive so we find out.

Project 365/199 Happy 40th Anniversary Pat & Moose

Saturday we celebrated Pat and Moose Stantz's 40th wedding anniversary. I worked with Pat about 15 years ago at McBrite Manor, she cut hair and I cleaned rooms. We have kept in touch with Christmas cards and the like all these years and was very pleased that her children invited us to the surprise party. She is a wonderful lady with a heart of gold. I regret that I did not get any pictures of Pat and her husband but I did get many of the kids dancing. I just loved Syd in this dress so I had to make her the POD. We all had a good time.

Happy 40th anniversary Pat & Moose

project 365/198 Too cute to sleep

Friday was a loooong day! We had no where to go and not much to do but grocery shop and take JD to the Dr. (He has strep throat and his weekend bike trip with his uncle has been canceled, he was bummed.) After two weeks of getting up early and being away from home half the day I thought sleeping in and lazing around the house would be a pleasant thing for all of us, was I wrong! Maybe we slept in too late because nobody wanted to take a nap in the afternoon and everybody got on everyone else's nerves until I thought I might have to run away. I called Hubby at work about 4:15 and asked when he might be coming home! I rarely do that, beg for relief, but I had had it! He even brought diner home, what a nice guy! And after the looong day CJ was not tired even at bed time and insisted on sticking close to me all evening.

Too cute to sleep

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Project 365/197 She loves her sunglases

CJ has a love of sunglasses, any ones, any size she love them all. So today I picked her up her own pair, she picked them out and choose the purple Barbie glasses. I could barely get her to take them off to scan them at the store. We left the store and went to pick up MJ at CMU, the little girls were exhausted from getting up so early and fell asleep on the way home. I looked back as we were pulling into town to see if they were still sleeping and got a good look at CJ. She was sound asleep with her head leaning on the side of her car seat, sunglasses on and upside down with her party beads on. I had to laugh and pull off the road to take the picture. She reminded me of that movie "Weekend at Bernies".

she loves her sunglases

Project 365/196 Work picnic

Hubby had his annual work picnic on Wednesday. The kids had a ball playing on the swings and slides. While the older two took CJ to play, Syd was stuck with us at the picnic table. She really did not seem to mind in the least. Here she was showing off her superior clapping talent while leaning on the bench (almost standing.)

Work picnic

Project 365/195 Favorite things

Tuesday I was trolling for POD and found both the older kids on their laptops. JD was surfing the web and MJ was creating art in her paint program. She was concentrating so hard that she never knew I was there until the camera flashed. As always she has her trusty robe near by, she has that thing with her most of the time while we are around the house. It was a Christmas present from a few years ago (turns out it has been her favorite thing.)

favorite things

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Project 365/194 Tidy one

Monday MJ had her braces adjusted for the first time and she had them put 4 shades of blue bands on. As far as the adjustment, she was in some pain but she know that it will be worth it in the end. She did feel well enough to clean her room for top to bottom in the afternoon. When I went in to check on her she was adjusting the canopy above her head. I'm not sure where she get her tidy bone from but it sure is not me, my room was always messy to the point of disaster (just ask my mother). She is our tidy one.

Tidy one

Project 365/193 Baby of the family

Sunday I caught Syd flipping through a Dr. Suess book. For once she was not eating it! She is nearly 13 months old now and very close to walking. I love they way she cuddles with me when she is sleepy, claps when I say "Yeah" and gives the shy smile with full watt dimples. She has a sparkle in her deep blues eyes like have never seen before. She is baby of the family and she knows it.

Baby of the family

project 365/192 Hand in Hand

Saturday we all went down town to the Fun days. We did lots of walking and strolling but by the end of the trip CJ was tired of riding in the stroller so Dad walked with her on our way to the van. (I notice that dad was admiring the Orange, I believe, Charger in the parking lot, it is very eye catching. Maybe someday he will owe a muscle car but for now we have the minivan to haul the family around in. That the brakes for have a family of 6.)

Hand in hand

Project 365/191 Back home

Today we pick up JD from camp. I took many photos from the trip but the one that means the most to me is this shot of him back in his bed, safe and sound under our roof sleeping soundly.

Back home

Monday, July 13, 2009

Project 365/190 Behind the lens

It is Thursday night, late (almost Friday). Everybody was in bed asleep, we are heading to Indiana to pick up JD from camp. I was in bed, my head swirling with the to do list for tomorrow when I realized the I had not taken the POD yet! I did check everybody out and sure enough they all were sleeping but I took their pictures anyway but I had no stories to tell from those pictures and then I got thinking of what they would see if anyone of them woke up to find me taking their picture in the dark. That got me thinking it had been awhile since I was the POD and I promised myself that I would take at least one picture of me a month when the year started. I did not want to get the tripod out and I certainly did not want to get out of my PJs so I decided to try the mirror, it worked perfectly. The POD is me-no make-up and in the t-shirt that I choose to sleep in, more that a little excited about tomorrow but tired and knowing that I will forget something for the long ride. A typical evening for me :)

behind the lens

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Class results

I have been taking a free class "Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects" by Jessica Sprague and this was the result of today's lesson about color tinting and some of lesson 1 and 2 mixed in as well. I kind of like the results! It was a photo that I would not have thought scrap worthy until now. I uploaded it to Walmart and will have it printed in 5x7 and it will become a center piece for a future layout. I love the

This is take two: Hubby thought the wings should be colored in so that is what I did, I like both.

Project 365/189 All girl

I need to thank Aunt Heather for this. She asked me why I didn't put bows and barrettes in CJ's hair (I'm sure it was after the many times I complained about CJ being mistaken for a boy even when she is wearing pink!) My answer has always been, her hair is so soft and silky and nothing would stay in it (I had experience from MJ, she had the same type of hair and was about 3 before she had enough hair to stay in ponytails, they only had the fabric pony tail bands back then and they never held very well)  So last Friday at our 4th if July get-together Aunt Heather used a small rubber band in the top of CJ hair just to see if A. it would stay in and B. to see if CJ would let it stay in.  Well it worked, it stayed in and she left it in.  Those little rubber bands that you can get by the 100 pack and in tons of colors for about $1 were never around when MJ was little so I never thought of using them on CJ.  We have a large container of them laying around here, MJ uses them all the time and CJ dumps them out at least once a week, what a mess they make so hard to pick up.  
So now everyday since Friday I have  given CJ a little hair sprout, she looks so cute. She does not always leave them in more than a few hours though. Today I got brave and put pigtails in her hair, it is late afternoon and she has left them in.  I doubt she will be mistaken for a boy anymore!  Thank you Aunt Heather!

All girl

Project 365/188 missing the boy

Ruby has taken to sleeping in JD's bed, I think she misses him. I know he misses her, when we visited him last weekend he asked us to bring her and Pepper, (thank goodness the camp rules would not allow it, I would not have wanted to take the dogs with us and they enjoyed their mini-vacation with my brother's dogs). He also wanted to know if I would mail him pictures of Ruby. He kind of thinks that Ruby is his dog, MJ and Pepper are very close and he wants Ruby to love him best, but in all reality Ruby is closest to Pepper. She won't go outside without her and she always wants to be in the same room as Pepper. I just hope that when he returns she will let him sleep in his own bed, she takes up more the half of a twin bed and is not good about sharing sleeping space.

Missing the boy

Camp Count down

Project 365/187 Minty Girl

Monday we had ice cream at home. I know, I can't believe it either, why eat ice cream at home when you have perfectly yummy location to go and get it, we do love the Corner House.  CJ is getting to the age that we let her have her own bowl, mess and all, no more taking bites from mom's (She is eating too much of my ice cream!). Tonight she had mint chip and she played with it until it was liquid and then tried to eat it with her spoon, messy indeed.


Minty girl

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

project 365/186 Saying Goodbye Again

Sunday we spent more time with JD. We got to watch him get promoted before we took him to lunch. We are very proud of him. After lunch we took him shopping before we dropped him back at camp. We could not stay the whole time he was allowed to be off camp, too long of a drive for us, but we all enjoyed the time we did spend together. He talked with his grandmother and told her he was doing fine and was looking forward to coming home to take a shower with out shoes on, there are bugs and spiders in the camp shower and if you not 1st or 2nd to take a shower you get luke warm water only. I guess is it the little things that you miss most when you are away from home. It was hard to leave him again but it is only for a few more days, we pick him up on Friday!

Saying goodbye again

On a side note: I have never been more happy to be going the opposite direction as the masses. This was US-23, the 4 cars in the lane closes to us were in a fender bender and what was thick moderate speed traffic turned to a crawling bottle-neck as everyone was trying to get around them. I was oh so glad to be heading north on this Sunday afternoon.

Project 365/185 Happy to see him

Saturday we got up early and hit the road to see JD at camp. We were all looking forward to seeing him, it has been 2 weeks since we dropped him off. He was playing basketball when we arrived and looked shocked and happy to see us but he wanted to finish his game before we left for lunch :) After lunch we took him back to our hotel for some catching up and swimming. He quickly changed out of his uniform and into his normal clothes. I love his new hair cut! We had a wonderful time with him at camp watching fireworks. At 10:30 we had to go back to the hotel, the girls were spent and ready to sleep. It was hard to leave him even though we were seeing him again tomorrow.

Happy to see him

Project 365/184 Baby piggy

Friday we celebrated the 4th with my family. It was odd not have JD with us but we are going this weekend to see him. In exactly 1 week we will be bring him home from camp. We did all the usually things, ate, laughed, took our walk, watch fire works and roasted things in the fire. I took few pictures but this one was the thing I want to remember about this day. As we were eating I looked over at Syd and she was gripping a circle shape in her teeth and it looked like a pig snout. It was very cute.

Baby Piggy

This is another one to remember, all the girls minus Syd sitting with Uncle Brent on Grammy's swing

Project 365/183 Born to run

Thursday the little girls and I accompanied Hubby to the track for his workout. This night he was running sprints, twice around the track, running in under 3 minutes and then twice around walking. Every since Biggest Loser he has found the love of running. He wishes he would have started when he was much younger, but late is better than never in my book.
Born to run

Just an FYI: this is the 1/2 way point in the year, can you believe that 2009 is 1/2 over already? What is on your "to do list" to get done this year. This year I was going to eat better and so far I did great in the 1st quarter but the 2nd quarter has been not so good. I need to get back to it.
Here's to hoping the next 183 days are as good as the first 183.

Camp Count down

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In need of a car that gets great MPG?

Hubby is selling his car. It is spiffy looking. It is a diesel and he has averaged 49 mpg while he's owned it! If you are interested, you can get the details here. Over the 2 years he has owned it, he's put about 40,000 miles on it and figures he has saved between $1200-1500 in fuel costs compared to his previous car, an AWD Pontiac Vibe (which he loved). That's even considering that he was paying, on average, $0.25/gal. more for diesel than for gas. He's selling this car now that he has a spiffy black 2009 VW Jetta Sportwagen. It's a clean diesel so he's both stylish and environmentally friendly. He "had to buy" the new wagon so he had a car that the double stroller would fit in (part of the joys of having 2 small babies).

project 365/182 Never thought I would

I broke down and bought a pair of rubber clogs, I really never thought I would.  About 3 years ago Hubby's brother was visiting from Colorado and was wearing Crocs.  It was the first time  I had seen them, he raved about how comfortable they were so I thought I try a pair, so off the the mall I went and found them at the Hallmark store.  I tried them on and oh my goodness they made my feet look HUGH, it might have been the color of them; red was the only pair in my size.  I felt like I was wearing clown shoes.  I was not going to spend $39 on rubber shoes that made feel like a clown!  As the years have passed all of my kids have had rubber shoes in many colors, they look very cute on them and the older ones tell me they are comfy so I thought I would give them a spin again.  They are not Crocs but just 10.00 Target shoes and I had the choice of hot pink or black,  I'm fairly practical and "safe" (read that boring) when it comes to shoes so I went with black (goes with more that hot pink would and I was trying to stay away from feeling like a clown again).  I have had them on for a few hours now and I would have to agree they are comfy.  Maybe I'll get brave and look for a pair of Crocs to see if they are more comfy then the knock off ones.  Probably not red though:)
 Never thought I would

Camp Count down

project 365/181 Bath time fun

Bath time has become more adventuresome with Syd lately. She thinks it is fun to stand up and drop the wet toys on the floor and every time you pour water over her head she scrambles to stand up as well. CJ loves the bath until you start to drain the water and then she is in a hurry to get out but Syd will sit there until all the water is gone and nothing is left but the bubbles. I need to get some of those colored water dyes that Crayola made when JD and MJ were little, they always like taking baths in the colored water. Do they still make them? I'll have to look that up.
Bath time fun

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