Wednesday, April 29, 2009

project 365/118 Not a squash girl

Tuesday's photo is of Syd. She appears to not like squash very much! More is on her bib than made it down her throat. She does not even look happy to see the camera. Poor thing, mommy making her try new food. Do you all feel sorry for her?
As you can tell I'm back in the swing of my life, no day of rest from my trip. The hugs and kisses I got were the best though when I returned. Maybe I should leave more often, I wonder if Hubby would agree?

Not a squash girl

project 365/117 Only 361 days to go

Monday morning I snapped a picture of our bags waiting to be loaded on the carts for the ferry ride. It is amazing how many bags 161 women can pack for this event. The line of bags stretched more than half way across the Theater and were nearly 10 bags wide and any given point of the line. This shot is just a small portion of them, I could not get far enough back to take a picture of them all together.
I can't say it enough, it was a blast and I look forward to next year! Only 361 days to go. Hubby should have recuperated by then :)

Only 361 days to go

project 365/116 Just having fun

Sunday was the last full day we could crop. Before 8 am Monday morning we had to have our stuff packed up and ready to be transported to the ferry. Our groups stayed in the Theater until about 2 in the morning, and there were still about 20-30 ladies still going at it. The photo is of 2 of my room mates Lucy (One of my biggest Loser buddies) and her best friend Maria. Maria had been feeling ill on and off most of the weekend. She went to the store in the hotel and bought a can of Coke and small bottle of Pepto and it cost her $10.00, the can of Coke was $3.25! We all had a laugh about that, it did make her feel better at least. I don't think we went to bed before 1 am any night and I was back up no later than 6:30 every morning, I just don't sleep well at hotels.
I finished 11 12x12 pages, 10 8x8 pages. Not bad for the visiting we did! I can't wait for next year.

Just having fun

Project 365/115 A glimpse of the Grand

Saturday between visiting with girls and scrapbooking I took a guided tour of the Grand Hotel. I was so sucked in by Bob's stories of the place that I took very few photos. This is just one of fabulous chandeliers, I don't even recall which room it was in. I for one don't get into the Victorian decor but the place is full of wonderful stories. It took about 2 hours for the tour and I ducked out before the end, I did have scrapbooking to do! A fact worth repeating; This is one the last 12 remain wood structure resort in the world and the only one that is privately owned by the same family for more than 75 years!

A glimpse of the Grand

project 365/114 A view from the boat

Friday morning I left to house at 7:30 am, picked up Lucy and Jackie and was in St Ignace by 10:30 am to catch the 11:00 ferry to the island. I snapped just one picture today, from the window of the ferry I could just see the Mackinac Bridge, above the other passengers heads. Not the best picture I have to admit but it will have to do. There was just way to much to do and lugging my laptop and Cricut Expression up the Grand Hotel Hill wore me out. Something to remember for next year.

A view from the boat

Project 365/113 Kids can play with anything

Thursday's photo is of the girls playing in my soon to be packed cooler. With a living room brimming with toys why is is they both migrated to the small blue cooler in the entry way? I should just sell all the toys and bring in cardboard boxes for them to play with. They both had blast, CJ was pretending to pour her milk into a water bottle and then she would pretend to drink from it. Syd just watched her big sis in amazement.
I had to take it from them to pack it, they were not very happy with that. Tomorrow I leave for my weekend crop on Mackinac Island. I can not wait, three nights and four days without a child in sight and nothing to do but scrapbook. I have been looking forward to this weekend for many months, thank you Hubby. I promise to come back :)

Kids can play with anything

Project 365/112 Baby Einstein

Wednesday's photo is of CJ again (I know three days in a row, you'd think she was an only child). After her fussy day yesterday she woke refreshed and a little scary looking. Hubby thinks she is genius but she does not have to have the Einstein hair to prove it :). I could not believe this do she woke up with. I can't get her hair to do anything at all, just to fine and silky, but check out the volume she achieved just by sleeping. I'm in awe. It only lasted short while before it fell flat and was back to normal. It was funny while it lasted.

Baby Einstein

project 365/111 Snoozing

Tuesday's photo is of CJ taking a much needed nap but to my dismay much to late in the day. I went in to wake her and just had to grab the camera. So looked so peaceful all cuddled with her stuffed animals. She had been a bear all day, not sure why she didn't sleep at the normal nap time, I put down and she just cried the whole time. I sprang her thinking that she would just wear down and fall asleep shortly but she held out and fussed and whined until 6 pm before I could take no more and put her back in her crib, she was asleep with in minutes. I then got concerned that she would wake at midnight, ready to go so I woke her at 7 pm. She went down for the night at 9ish and slept through the night to wake refreshed and happy like always. You'll see what I mean with tomorrow POD.


project 365/110 Start them young

Monday's photo is of CJ going through her sister's yoga book. The older kids were doing yoga in the living room and CJ wanted to join in. They gave her a mat and she flipped through the book, it was just to cute. It also kept her busy so JD and MJ could workout without her under foot. They used a parents secret weapon: distract the child but make it seem like it was their idea all along and you can get more done :) When I work out, if the girls are not down for naps I have to put Ruby in her crate and bring out CJ's favorite toys, her mega blocks. She can only have them out when Ruby is outside or in her crate, they are very tempting to the chocolate wonder. I have reoved so many mangled pieces of plastic from her mouth that we try to avoid tempting her if we can. It all works out in the end.

Start them young

Monday, April 20, 2009

Project 365/109 We have a winner

Sunday we had Hubby's Biggest Loser party. Final weigh in was Friday but no one was told the results. We all had to wait until Sunday. He is the biggest loser!! We are so proud of him, he worked very hard for this. Now his is training for the 5 k in the fall. The gym should have the complete results in the paper on Wednesday and I'll post more then.

We have a winner!

Check out the before and after shots!

He lost 49 lbs,
that is 26.20%. 10 inches from is stomach
and 6 inches from his hips.

The results are amazing.

He tells me he can't believe the energy he has, he feels like running all the time.

Project 365/108 Grandpa's chair

Saturday we stopped over to visit Hubby's mom. Syd had a rough time, when we first got there, she went from a sitting position to crawling and somehow fell on her face and was bleeding from the mouth. Nothing major just a bump. Daddy and her were snuggling in Grandpa's chair when she fell asleep. Dad eased himself out to let Syd be more comfy and she slept for quite awhile there in Grandpa's chair. It kind of gave me a warm feeling when I saw her there, she never got to meet her grandpa but he would have like it that she was so cozy in his chair.

Grandpa's chair

Project 365/107 Care taker

Friday's photo is of MJ. She is tending to the wilting Hydrangea plant that I bought for my mother-in-law for Easter. Somehow it took a turn for the worse before we could even give it to her and MJ took it under her wing to care for it. She is a very caring person and wears her heart on sleeve. She was more than a little upset that the plant was not getting better and wanted to plant in the garden so mother nature could help it. After much dicussion, watering and clipping we agreed it was a lost cause. It now resides in the trash can. She on to her next cursade, she trying to save my over grown garden that since having 2 more children I have neglected.

Care taker

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Project 365/106 12 hours and counting

Thursday's photo looks very much like Wednesday's :) No, he did not wear these clothes for the last 24 hours, he had to go to work today or else he might have. Hubby has less than 12 hours before he weighs in for the very last time. We are all happy to see this end. His plan is basically to sweat as much as he can between now and 6 am Friday. Sounds simple enough, but how many people would make that plan and stick to it? HIM. He has went at this with the utmost planning and paid very close attention to the details. In my mind there is no one that deserves to win more than him. I am very proud of him and I want to say that I never doubted for once how he would approach this task. He wants you to know that he sweated so much tonight that he had to put the clothes in the dryer before he could wear them to bed. I might just make him sleep on the couch because he smells soooo bad. Now it's time to give him a haircut so he's not weighed down by needless hair. We'll save the extra hair for you George :)

12 hours & counting

Project 365/105 Dressed for sweating

Wednesday's photo is of Hubby, he is dressed to sweat off the last few pounds. There is less than 48 hours left before the final weigh in for Biggest Loser. I don't recall how many layers he has piled on but it was at least 2-3 of his thickest items of clothing. Crazy? Maybe. Do I need to remind anyone how competitive he is. We love him, though. And Wednesday was just a warm-up for the final day on Thursday...

Dressed for sweating

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project 365/104 Snack time

Today's picture took place with the girls during snack time. CJ was having her snack in her high chair minding her own business when Syd rolled up and began nibbling on her shoe. CJ was quite surprised by this and quickly removed her shoes. Syd was very happy to roll away with CJ's shoe clamped in her teeth. Maybe she is watching Ruby too closely. I thought the whole thing was very humorous.

Snack time.

Project 365/103 Pucker up

Syd turned 10 months old on Monday! How time is flying. She stands pretty well but hasn't started cruising yet. She was standing in front of Daddy and CJ when CJ leaned down to give her a smooch. Very cute. Check out those fish lips!

Pucker up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Project 365/102 Ready to run

Sunday Hubby and the older kids were getting ready to run sprints in the yard. Before they went out they were stretching out their legs. When CJ seen this she had to join in. She loves to parrot us, when I do my workout DVD's she is right next to me trying every move. It is just so darn cute.

Ready to run.

Project 365/101 3 out of 6

Saturday we had Easter diner and my mom's house. The kids had a blast coloring and finding eggs. We lined them all up on the couch as usually for the Easter picture with their basket. I realized when I was downloading my photos that 1/2 the kids in the photo are mine. We would have had the majority if Syd had not been asleep on Daddy's lap at the time.

3 out of 6

Project 365/100 Daddy's hat

Friday Hubby and a buddy went to a Detroit Tigers baseball game. He came home with a stocking hat that Syd just had to wear. She loves to wear hats. She had this one on for a short while before CJ stole it. A bit of sibling rivalry at it's best. The two of them get along pretty good for the most part but every once and a while they think the other is getting to much attention and they let us know.

Daddy's hat.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Project 365/99 Early weigh in

Today's photo is of Hubby and CJ. This morning, at 6 am, Hubby had his early weigh in. With Sunday being Easter they are not meeting for Biggest Loser. CJ and Syd were up very early as well so CJ tagged along with daddy to the gym. He was a little disappointed with only 1 pound loss this week but that brings his total to 40 pound lost. I think that is excellent. Way to go Hubby. Next week is the last week for his Biggest Loser and he will find out if he is the "Biggest Loser" I will let you know how it goes.

Early weigh in

Project 365/98 Honors assembly

Wednesday's photo is of MJ. She was honored, along with many of her classmates, for good grades. MJ is a self-starter, a very driven student. We are very proud of the effort you give, Miss M.

Honors Assembly

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Project 365/97 How to become the P.O.D.

Today's photo is a cuter story than a picture. It was 7 pm and I was in search of a subject for the picture of the day. The only child that does not clamor to be in the photo of the day is Syd, I give her 6 months though. Even Ruby seems drawn to the camera and trys to inject herself in every shot. Anyway, CJ saw me grab my camera and start trolling for something worthy of taking a picture of. I walking into the kitchen from the dining room and she high tailed it in from the opposite direction and stopped right in front of me. She looked up at the camera and said "mile" (CJ speak for Smile) and gave me her cheesiest grin with the squinty eyes. How could I resist? And that, my friends, is how you can become the picture of the day in our house.

How to become the P.O.D.

project 365/96 Still a habit

Monday I took a picture of my Hubby's love... Coke Zero. Even with all his weight lose, (39 pounds as of yesterday) the exercising and the healthy eating he has not given up his Coke Zero. He has cut back but don't think he will ever give it up.

Still a habit

Project 365/95 And here we go

Sunday's photo is of something that we have been looking forward to but dreading at the same time. Syd is now crawling! She started this weekend and only gets faster everyday. Now we have two on the go nonstop. What fun this is getting to be:) CJ has not paid much attention to this new thing Syd can do but it won't be long before CJ won't be able to ignore it. Syd will be on her heels and "bugging" her every chance she gets.
Syd is nearly 10 months old now. She has now been sleeping in her crib the entire night for about 2 weeks now; the next step is her moving into JD's room. I'm not ready for that yet, I like having her close by. I don't think JD is too excited about sharing his room either, I don't blame him but whats a parent of 4 to do in a 3 bedroom house?

And here we go.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

project 365/94 New do's for 3 please

Today the three of us got our hair cut. I always feel good after I get a new do, the kids appear to feel the same or maybe they just like getting their picture taken:)

New do's for 3 please

project 365/93 A little too long

Friday's photo is of JD. He has been wanting me to highlight his hair for a while now. Really he wanted to dye it black or blond and I nixed that idea and said I would only highlight it again. He wanted me to leave it to "bake" for the full 60 minutes allowed but I said no more than 30. I should have stopped it at 15; it is way too blond for my taste. He of course loves it; he wanted to be a blond from the start. I'm glad he loves it, but wow it is a little hard to get used to.

A little too long

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Project 365/92 A spot of red

Today I just caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye as I was turning the van around in the driveway. Against all the gray wood and trees was a spot of red that made me take a second look. I only got the chance to take one shot before he flew away. Cardinals have always been my favorite.

A spot of red.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project 365/91 Hello, its for you.

Today's photo is again of CJ, it is the 1st and that is her day. She is now 22 months old and she is talking up a storm now. She has this realistic looking play cell phone and it rings just like a real phone and talks to you and what not. It has been her toy of choice lately. When it rings she breaks out in a huge grin and puts it up to her hear. She jibber jabbers into it and then hold it out like the caller wants to talk to me so I oblige of course. She gets a kick out of it.

Hello, its for you.

Project 365/90 Bed head

Tuesday's photo is CJ and her bed head. For not having a lot of hair she can still get it pretty messy when she sleeps. When I was trying to get a shot of the back of her head, she went to look out the doors and the dogs came up to see what was going on. Oh look how dirty the glass is, with 2 babies and 2 dogs the lower third of our french doors is always smudged and smeared. I do clean it but not as often as I want to, when I clean it and with five minutes there is a dog's nose rubbing it or CJ pressing her face to it. So I figure I would trade a dirty window for the joys that both the dogs and the children bring.

Bed head.
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