Thursday, December 31, 2009

Project 365/360 Happy Birthday to me

Saturday was my Birthday, 37 years old, YIKES the years are flying by! I had breakfast at Bob Evans with my family, Brent's and my mom. After breakfast Hubby took the little girls home and the rest of us went shopping. In he evening we had Christmas at Hubby's mom's. It was late when we got back but the girls were not tired and CJ wanted to use her new doctor kit on me. She declared me in good health, though she gives a lot of shots and plays with my hair most of the time. In the photo she was listening to my heart with the thermometer! I didn't say she knew what she was talking about.

Happy Birthday to me

Here are shots from Christmas at the Greer's:

CJ lounging with Grandma Greer while MJ crochets with her new yarn.

Heather trying on Lu's Gift (She looks good in them, maybe I should have got her a pair too:) At the Greer's my brother's wife is my niece (Her Step-dad is Hubby's older brother Luther) I really love this as I get to spend holidays with my brother's family at both places!

My brother, Brent, tickling CJ. She was really wound up.

Hubby with his nephew, Brian (also Heather's little brother)

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