Thursday, December 31, 2009

Project 365/359 Christmas Morning (Early)

Christmas morning CJ and Syd were up at 5:45 am, not unusual in our house. CJ normally climbs in bed with us and goes back to sleep and Syd just need a cuddle or two and will go back down and sleep to pass 10 am. But it was Christmas morning! Hubby suggested that the older kids might not want to wait for Syd to get back up so we asked CJ if she wanted to open gifts right now (duh!) She said yes and we woke MJ and JD up, they grumbled a bit but I reminded them that it was Christmas morning and that stopped the complaining short! (JD looks a bit tired in the photo but he did come around in the end) Syd is still holding on to her most favorite gift from Grammie and CJ was ready to open her gifts and Syd's right away, MJ is just thrilled to see what is in the big heavy box that had her name on it (she didn't ask for anything that was that big or that heavy!) After they opened all the gifts, Hubby, CJ, Syd and I all went back to bed and slept until 10:30 while MJ and JD played with their new toys.

Christmas Morning (early)

CJ's big gift was a Cozy car that she absolutely loves (I will have to have this thing in my house until spring because she barely gets out if it) She loaded all her new toys and Syd's up in the car and just sat with them most all afternoon.

JD's big gift was a PSP which he was completely in shock when he opened it (I had told him there was no way I was going to buy him this-Never say Never)

MJ's big heavy box turned out to be a Cricut Create which she loves despite that fact that she did not even know what it was prior to today, she did have to open the box just be sure I was not tricking her (would I do that??) She has used this everyday since she opened it!

I was not joking about CJ opening Syd's gifts, Syd was just not interested in opening them but she did like playing with them after they were opened. CJ is still convinced that Syd gift are hers and she is just sharing them with Syd. Syd is pretty easy going but we did have a few episodes of tears over new toys this afternoon.

All in all we have had a blessed year and we are happy to be spending Christmas together with our family and loved ones.
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