Thursday, December 31, 2009

Project 365/358 Christmas at the Hundley's

Thursday we had our Christmas at my moms. Every year we make the kids pose in front of the tree before they can open gifts. They are 4 of us with cameras all yelling "smile" and flashing our cameras at these poor children and they don't know where to look next. My brood is just shy of half of this group and I can only get 2 of them to look at me. After all the gifts get opened and we have all settled down, we watch a DVD that my brother and his wife put together for us. We all supply him with photos from the past year and they set them to music and we all ooh and ahh over them and share a chuckle or two. This has become my favorite new tradition and I hope we can continue to do it in the future. (Thank you Brent and Heather for doing this for us!)

Christmas at the Hundley's
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