Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Project 365/354 Steelers Game

Posted by Hubby:
Sunday's picture is taken outside of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. My friend Zack (left, Packers fan), his buddy Ryan (right, Steelers fan), and myself (hubby; check out the face paint!) were there to see the Packers play the Steelers at 4:15 pm.
It's a "bucket list" goal of mine to see a game in every NFL stadium. I'm just getting started, having seen games at Ford Field (Lions), Lambeau Field (Packers), and now Heinz Field (my beloved Steelers).
Going to Pittsburgh was a great experience. We arrived Saturday late afternoon and then spent the evening walking over to the stadium and back (~3 mi round trip). At the stadium gift shop, I picked up "Terrible Towels" for each of the kids. The downtown is well lit and we had no problems walking anywhere we wanted to go.
The weather was good December football weather (cold but no snow), we had really good seats (between the goal line and the 10 yard line, 20 rows from the field), and the outcome of the game was great too (for the Steelers fans in our group). Big Ben threw a touchdown pass on the final play of the game. With the extra point, Pittsburgh squeaked out a 37-36 victory.
Thanks to Moe Momma for letting me get away for a weekend with the boys. Hopefully I can get more of the boys from Gladwin to come along next year and we can see another game in another NFL town (probably somewhere warmer, Tampa anyone?).

"Steelers Game"

Side note: Pittsburgh is a lot closer than you realize - we drove all night and were back home well before breakfast on Monday. This is definitely a trip I will want to make again.

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