Thursday, December 17, 2009

Project 365/348 Blustery day

Monday was supposed to be Syd's 18 month well baby check up but guess who spent last night throwing up! Hubby was not feeling the greatest as well so he worked from home. He and Syd are fever free but very congested. I rescheduled her Dr visit but I still had to go to Midland to try and straitening out my Christmas card problems. My test print came back way too dark, something to do with my computer not being calibrated right (is that fixable?) So after lightening it up I need to see if it would work. There was another problem with Walmart cropping my 4x6 file but that is a whole other matter. On my way to Midland I took the back way in and took this shot of the snow just blowing across the road almost making it hard to see the road.

"Blustery day"
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