Thursday, December 17, 2009

Project 365/346 Creative mess

Saturday was Hubby annual Christmas shopping trip with the guys. Gone for more that 12 hours he and his friend do a little shopping and whole lot of football watching and bonding:) This left me at home without my van (it transported 7 of the guys shopping) with one sick girl and one I believe to be on her way to being sick girl and the two older ones climbing the walls because we are "stuck home" I did have a vehicle but was not taking CJ anywhere unless I absolutely had to! While the girls took naps on and off throughout the day I got crafting. What a mess I can make in very short time! I made list notepads for little gifts, the inspiration coming from here. I made them for teacher gifts but I have more notepads than teachers to give them to, they were fun to make. (I was trying to escape with crafting a very easy thing to do for me).
"Creative mess"

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