Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Project 365/344 Snow creature named Lollie

Thursday was a busy busy day! I had plans to go shopping with my mom and brother and Hubby was staying home with the girls for me. CJ woke at 1 am with a fever and a nasty cough. JD woke with a a sore throat and was extremely tired and stayed home from school. The day went smoothly for the most part considering everything going on. I got most of my shopping finished up, Hubby had meetings from home with CJ cuddled on his lap and JD slept off his icky feelings and was well by the time I got home. MJ's snow creature, Lollie, was waiting for me when I got back. CJ was not feeling much better by the end of the day. Flu?? Please no!

"Snow Creature named Lollie"
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