Saturday, November 28, 2009

Project 365/332 2009 Ornaments

Every year since JD was a baby I have bought the kids a Hallmark Keepsake ornament. I always try to find one that represents something in the child's life for that year, sometime I have to get creative as I only buy Hallmark ornaments and they don't always have one that fits each child's year to a tee. This year's picks are as follows: JD- Tony Romo, because it was the only football related ornament this year (he does not like Tony Romo he tells me). MJ- the Barbie high heel. Her feet are now a size ladies 5 and every time we are near a shoe department she has to try on heels that she would break her neck in (we never buy them!) CJ- the Fisher Price school bus. She loves to watch the kids get on and off the bus and whenever we see one while we are out and about she yells out "Bus". (Now I could have easily went for an Amish buggy, horse or semi truck because she points them out with precision as well). Syd- the Chatter telephone, it was cute and age appropriate. They didn't have one that fit her better but it is okay because she will like it.

To see their entire collection visit here.

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