Friday, November 27, 2009

Project 365/331 We left empty handed

Black Friday: Hubby was on a quest for the $19.99 Rigid 16 gallon wet/dry vac. We all hauled ourselves out of bed and drove to Midland, (I was in it for the veggie omelet after shopping). We never thought Home Depot would draw this kind of crowd so we didn't get out of bed too early. Just minutes before they opened Hubby was where the little white arrow is. Less then 2 minutes after getting in the door he walked back out empty handed. The lady that was 10th in line was not able to get a vac so Hubby had no hope of getting one. Unlike this guy who got just one too many and will gladly sell it for double the price:) Or these guys who seem to want to get rid of the ones they did get. This is a good reason to limit the amount you can buy of these great Black Friday door buster deals. I wonder if anybody will be willing to pay $50-$70 for something that was nationally advertised for $19.99? We did go to Ace and get the Shop Vac from their ad. Not the great deal the Rigid one was but it will get the job done.
We left empty handed
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