Monday, November 16, 2009

Project 365/319 Runnning to town

Boy, has our lives changed in the last year, never would I have thought I would say these words with there true meaning: "Hubby ran to town." In the past when I would say the words "Ran to town" I meant drive to town for a quick trip. Now when I say them it really means run. I realized the need to use the term in the proper manner the other day when I told CJ that we needed to "run to the grocery store". She was very upset when I buckled her in her car seat and and started the van. She wanted to "run" to the store! When I told her that I really didn't mean we were going to "run" she just look confused. So no more confusion, from here on out when I say run/ran it will really mean running!

Running to town
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