Monday, October 12, 2009

Project 365/276 Bring him in

Saturday the older two had a CC meet. MJ ran first, 3/4 mile with a time of 10:16, a bit slower that last year at the same race. She is happy with her results. JD ran next, 2 miles in 14:58, that was 15th place. He was 3rd in for his school which concerned MJ a bit. (This is where my heart swells a bit) When she saw him come around the last curve and head for the finish she ran next to him, she was checking him out and talking with him to give him encouragement to finish strong! In the end she had a reason to be concerned, he said that just after the start he heard a pop in his knee and he was favoring it. There was no damage to the knee it was just tender for a few days. He played football that same evening so I guess it did not hurt that bad:)

Bring him in
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