Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Project 365/258 The mess of colds

The thing I loathe more than having a cold myself is having a small child with a cold! Poor Syd, it started in the middle of the night. I could hear her stuffy nose whistling while she slept. She woke with a very slimy face that only a warm wash cloth could fix, which made her howl and squirm. Since waking she has sneezed about every 10 minutes and has needed to be cleaned up after each sneeze. She sneezes, quickly looks at me then runs the other direction, I grab a tissue and chase. We have finished the box of tissue and moved on to TP, the double roll now small enough fits in the pocket of my apron. We both had a little peace while she took her nap but we paid or it when she awoke, a repeat of the morning with warm wash cloth. On top of the cold, yesterday she had her 15 month well baby check and we discovered that the diaper rash that we have been battling for 3 weeks is not diaper rash at all, it is eczema. A tush covered with eczema is no picnic for her or the diaper changer.
Today has put my cold in perspective. I least I can medicate and medicate I do with multiple doses of Dayquil gel caps and at bedtime, Nyquil liquid (the green kind, yuck). My head still throbs when I bend over which seems to be this whole day. I hope this stuff passes quickly, so far Hubby has stayed healthy, he has a race this weekend and a cold would not be good for running up hills.

The mess of colds
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