Thursday, September 3, 2009

project 365/245 The girl loves to dance

Wednesday was a long day for us all. I seen three doctors today, my dentist, dermatologist and family practitioner. I was crowned in gold, burned with a laser and found out I have bursitis in my shoulder! The girls spent their second day of the week at daycare, their crying makes me feel so guilty for leaving them. I hauled the older two with me to my appointments and they were just thrilled about it, making me rethink daycare for them. And after all the doctor appointments I took Ruby to Ryan "the dog whisper" for our first class, we are the only one of the six students that are over 6 months old! While Ruby and I were learning how to walk on a leash, the proper way (I'm getting as much training as she is), Hubby had all the kids at home. MJ took the job of being today's photographer and took some shots of CJ dancing, more than likely to JD's Ipod music on the stereo. She just loves to dance around.

The girls loves to dance.

I just had to share my funny with you. When Ruby and I first got to class tonight I got her out of the car and on to the lawn or rather she took me to the lawn area. Other people were picking up their dogs from doggy daycare (really??) and a lady come out with her little Taco Bell dog (I don't remember what they are called). Ruby and I were far enough away that I thought I was safe to relax a bit (I didn't think I had to worry about being pulled across the lawn). I was putting my car keys into my pocket (of my brand new Capri pants) when the little dog barked at us and Ruby took off after it, yanking my hand that was in my pocket and ripping my pants. Though all the barking I heard the ripping sound and thought just great first class and I'm going to be wearing only half of my pants. I stopped Ruby after she pulled me only a few feet and the lady and I waved our good byes as she was scolding her little dog for being mouthy. I look down to the check the damage, not as bad as it sounded, where the pocket was sewn to the pants was ripped and not on seam. Thank goodness I was wear a long tank under my t-shirt. All through class I kept pulling it down just to make sure my underwear was not showing. My lesson: never use the hand that is holding the leash to do anything else with while holding said leash.

Update:The pants have been repaired and the repair has held up to the first washing. Yeah!

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