Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project 365/231 Our resident klutz

Tuesday evening MJ was carrying a crib sheet and slipped on the hardwood floor and hurt her wrist. We have been here before when she was 6. She fell at school on a Friday and came home with note about it, she was moving it just fine and barely fussing about it so I let it go. Come Monday morning in gym class I got a note from the gym teacher stating that MJ could not do the crab crawl and maybe we should get the wrist look at. So I take her up the ER thinking whatever! I'll get a Doctor's note that it is alright and send her back to school. WELL was I wrong. It was broke! I awarded myself the bad mother award for that. She went all weekend with a broken wrist and I never suspected. I vowed never to make that mistake again, I felt just awful!
So she was really complaining about her wrist hurting and it was very tender when I tried to touch it and she was whimpering every time she moved. I had already put the girls down for bed and Hubby was driving back from Southfield and was only to Flint when I called him. So I called my mom to come sit with the girls while I took MJ to the ER. (Thanks Mom!) We got there at 8:15, was checked in by 8:30, taken to the room by 9:00, had x-ray taken by 9:15 and seen the Dr. by 10:00 pm. I thought it was going fairly smooth at this point. The Dr. looked her arm over, poked and prodded it, said "I'll go look at the X-ray's and get back with you". At 11:30 I went out to inquire at the nurse's station as to the status of our seeing the Dr. again, she said she would find out when she see him next. I went back to the room and left the door open far enough that I could see the hall clearly. I saw the Dr. walk into the nurse's station and I waited for someone to come and inform me if her wrist was broke or what. At 11:55 I again returned to the nurse's station and asked for her x-rays, I told them that I wanted to take them to our family Dr and get the heck out of here. She said "just a sec. hon" and knocked on what looked like a lounge door and said "3 (that was our rm #) wants her x-ray and would like to leave now" I heard a muffled "I'll be out" and was told he will look at x-rays and be right there. WHAT, HE HAS NOT EVEN LOOKED AT THEM YET! I screamed in head. I went in the room, left the door open (visible to the nurses desk) and started to gather up our stuff, pulled out my car keys and told MJ we were leaving. I heard the Dr. come out of the room and say something about not knowing how they run thing here but he was the Dr. and does things his way (not sure if that pertained to us or not, so I let it go) He stopped at the desk and held her x-rays up and walked into our room calm as could be and said "it is not broke I believe she just pulled a ligament"
I was glad for MJ but holy cow why oh why did it take 3.5 hours to determine this! They gave her a splint and pain med instructions and we were home by 12:30 am.
As of today (Thursday) she is still complaining that it is throbbing even with 400 mg of Ibuprofen on a regular basis. I called and asked for her X-rays and am thinking of getting a second opinion if she is still complaining on Friday.

Our Resident Klutz
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