Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project 365/232 New do's for school

Thursday I scheduled the older kids to get their hair trimmed before school started, JD has pictures next Wednesday for his school id. I took them to their favorite stylist and a dear friend of ours, Stacy. I dropped them off and ran errands while they were getting trimmed. When I returned I was shocked at how short MJ went, she never gave me a clue she intended to get it chopped so short. Stacy talked her out of getting a mullet, MJ didn't know exactly what she wanted, she just knew she wanted her sides short so she would stop tucking her hair behind her ear. I never knew this bothered her so much. She has a natural wave (gets it from her dad) that drives her nuts, it is not wavy enough to be cute it just wavy enough to stick out in odd places. She thought this would stop the wave from being a problem but to her dismay the wave still require a strait iron to tame. Oh well, it still looks cute on her and she loves her new style.

New dos for school
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