Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Project 365/227 Partners in Crime

Take a look at these two faces, purely innocent little girls, right?
Oh how wrong could you be!! These two turkeys got into a mess on Saturday!

Late in the afternoon I was busy with email and JD was off in his room, as always these days... the girls were playing happily together in the living room, I thought. I was typing an email response when I hear the fridge door open and close. Guessing that someone forgot to lock it when they were last in it, I assumed that CJ had snagged the spray butter or her sippy, so I said "CJ put it back" and kept typing, trying not to lose my train of thought, which happens quite a lot in this house. When I didn't hear her put it back I knew I would have to finish up and check it out. As I think back, I don't know how I did not hear what happened next. I must have been deep in thought.

I got up to check on what she had (mind you this was less that a minute from the time CJ had closed the fridge door). I rounded the corner of the couch to see an empty carton of eggs and CJ dropping the last of the dozen on the floor. "The Syd" was smashing the ones that made it through the drop.

I screamed "Oh MY" and ran to grab... the camera, of course. My scream brought JD and Ruby out to see what was up While I snapped a few pictures, JD was yelling "salmonella, they are going to get salmonella, mom, they are going to get sick". A few days ago he wanted to taste the batter of MJ's baking and I had told him that raw eggs COULD have salmonella and make you sick. He was afraid that I was not taking the mess as seriously as I should; thinking that Syd was going to put her messy hand in her mouth.

While I was taking pictures, Ruby had snagged what I thought was the last whole egg and was eating it shell and all. JD started cleaning Syd up while I tried to scoop the mess into the garbage before Ruby could eat anymore. It was rather funny.

The funniest thing was seeing Syd smash her hand down on the egg and seeing the slime on her fingers, what a brute. I did give CJ a stern talk but I had a hard time not laughing out loud the whole time.

God bless these two little troublemakers, how thankful we are for them.

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